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Box Ball          Back

Set up one folding mat in each corner of the gym.  These are the bases.  Use a rubber home plate or floor tape to mark home base.  Home base is located where the half-court line meets the long sideline of a basketball court.  This will be between two corner mats.   Divide the players into two teams.  One team is in the outfield and the other team is the kicking team.  The players in the outfield spread out within the playing area.  The pitcher stands at half-court and rolls a large foam ball towards home base.  The kicker kicks the ball and runs to first base.  The player is safe if he/she gets to first base without getting out.  A player is out if:

  • He/she kicks two fouls (ball is missed completely or does not pass home base line.) 
  • The kicked ball is caught on a fly.
  • The player is tagged with the foam ball from the shoulder and below when not on a base.

There are no force outs in the game.  There is no limit to the number of people on a base.  Players may run around the bases more than once to score additional runs.  Play stops when the pitcher has the ball at half-court.  After three outs switch the team at bat.         Back