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Large Group Games

 Capture The Flag          Back      

Mark off a playing area with a centerline.  Set up a jail area on each side.  Divide the players into two teams.  Each player wears a flag belt color coded to his/her team.  Each team has a flag that the other team attempts to capture. Any time a player crosses the centerline any player from the other team may attempt to pull a flag from a flag belt.  A flag is captured when a player runs onto the opposite side, "captures the flag", and returns to his/her side (crosses the centerline) without losing a flag.  Any time a player crosses the centerline any player from that team may pull a flag off of the flag belt. If a player's flag is pulled off of the flag belt while on the opposite side, that player goes to the jail on the opponent's side.  If that player has the opponent's team flag when the player's flag is lost the team flag is returned to the original position.  Players are freed from jail when a  teammate runs to the jail without losing a flag belt and tags the player that is in jail. The team flag may not be thrown or passed.          Back