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Five Passes          Back

Set up two, three or four courts outside.  A twenty foot by forty foot area is a good size but this can be modified depending on space available, equipment available, and class size.  Use cones to mark the corners of the playing area.  Divide class into groups of three to five players.  Every player has a lacrosse stick.  Players start anywhere on their half of the playing area but once the game starts players may go anywhere in the playing area.  One team starts with the ball at the center of the playing area.  The object of the game is to make five complete passes using a lacrosse stick and a plastic / foam lacrosse ball.  If the ball is dropped, intercepted, or thrown out of bounds the other team gets the ball at that spot or the boundary line if it is out of bounds. Teams start back at zero passes each time they lose possession of the ball.  If the other team attempts to intercept the ball but drops it, the original team gets the ball but starts back at zero passes. There are no goals. When five complete passes are made, a point is scored and the other team starts with the ball from that spot.  There is no contact in this game including equipment contact.     Back