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Hopscotch          Back

Make a hopscotch board using chalk on pavement or use a hopscotch mat.  The first player underhand tosses a marker (i.e. beanbag, stone) into square one on the hopscotch board.  If the tossed marker lands inside the lines of square one, the player must hop over square one but hop into each subsequent number.  A player may put both feet down when there are two numbered squares side by side or in the designated rest area at the end of the board.  After the rest area, the player hops in reverse order, pick up the marker, and hops to the start.  The player immediately tosses the marker at the next numbered square.  A player's turn is over if the marker does not land completely inside the boundary lines of the numbered square, if he/she touches or steps on a boundary line or if he/she loses his/her balance.  The player begins the next turn by tossing the marker at that numbered square.      Back