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Large Group Games


Hula Hut Throw Down         

Divide the players into two teams. Each team plays on half of the gym. The players shoot foam balls at the baskets on the opposite side.  If a basket is made, the team collects six hula hoops and may begin to build a hula hoop hut.  To build a hula hoop hut, place one hula hoop on the floor.  Stand two hula hoops up inside the hula hoop on the floor.  Lean the tops of those two hula hoops towards each other until they touch.  The bottoms will fan out and touch the inside edge of the hula hoop on the floor.  Do the same thing with two more hula hoops making sure they are on the outside of the leaning hoops.  Take the last hula hoop and place it parallel with the one on the floor.  Players may have to adjust hula hoops to get them to balance. Once balanced, the builders may no longer touch the hula hoops.  The other team may now throw or roll a foam ball to try to knock down the hula hoop hut. Players may guard the huts by catching or knocking foam balls away but may not touch the hula hoops.  Play until one team has collected all the hula hoops.           Back