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Set up first base, second base, third base and home plate in softball/baseball diamond formation.  Divide the players into two teams.  The pitcher rolls the ball from the pitching mound.  The kicker must kick the ball and attempt to run to first base without getting out.  A player is out if the ball is caught on a fly, the first base player gets the ball and tags first base before the player gets there, or (optional) if the player is tagged with a ball (thrown or held) from the shoulder and below.  A player is also out if he/she kicks three foul balls.  A player may advance to the next base until the pitcher has possession of the ball at the pitching mound.  A force out occurs when an outfielder gets the ball and touches the base that a player is "forced" to run to when all the previous bases have players on them.  "Tagging up" outs are optional.  Teams rotate after three outs.  Back