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Scooter Ball          Back

Review scooter safety rules. 

Scooter Ball is a great warm up activity.

Divide the players into 10 teams.  Each team gets two scooters and a hula hoop.  Scatter objects all around the gym.  One player from each team sits on the scooter and scooters out to get one item.  He/she returns to the team line and places the item in a hula hoop.  The next player in line sits on a scooter and wait until the collected object from the previous player is in the hula hoop.  Use two scooters to avoid an accident that may happen if there was only one scooter and students are rushing to get on and off the scooter.  Caution:  Even if you don't make this to be a competition, the students tend to make it one anyway.   Back