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Floor Hockey Lesson Plans

On The Spot Game        

Create an oval course in the gym  Scatter floor spots along the oval course.  Create teams.  Send the first person from each team to a floor spot.  The players "on the spot" have a hockey stick and must always have one foot on the floor spot.  On the start signal, the next person in line attempts to dribble the hockey puck around the oval course in the designated direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) without anyone "on the spot" getting the puck away .  If the puck is stolen or knocked away, that person should retrieve the puck, go to the sideline, complete 10 jumping jacks, and then return to the oval course.  When the person dribbling the puck gets back to his/her team line, the next player takes a turn.  On the teacher signal, rotate the person on the spot.       Back to Floor Hockey