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Pitcherball          Back

*This game can be played with various game objects:  Foam softball, foam football, foam frisbee, foam soccer ball....

Set up a diamond shaped baseball field with regular bases or floor spots and a hula hoop at the pitcher mound.  Divide the class into two teams.  One team plays in the outfield and one team is 'at bat'.  One outfielder stands in the hula hoop at the pitching mound.  The player 'at bat' throws the game object (foam softball, foam football....) into the outfield and runs around the bases.  If the ball is caught on a fly that player is out.  Otherwise fielders must retrieve the game object and get it to the player standing in the hula hoop at the pitching mound.  Outfielders may not take steps with the game object in possession and the player inside the hula hoop at the pitching mound may not leave the hula hoop.  The runner stops when the pitcher has the ball.  If the player has not made it to first base by the time the pitcher gets the game object in the hula hoop, he/she is out.  Play until all players have had a turn or play with three to five outs.          Back